Statistics (I)

This course is offered by NYCU Department of Industrial Engineering and Management.

Statistical methods are widely employed in many areas. Statistics I and II courses introduce the major concepts, and issues in statistical reasoning and the methods involved in collecting, analyzing, and drawing conclusions from data.
Topics including basic statistical principles, graphic presentation, descriptive measures, probability, probability distributions, discrete and continuous probability distribution, sampling distribution and interval estimation will be covered in Statistics I.
Topics including hypothesis testing, analysis of variance, nonparametric methods and regression analysis will be covered in Statistics II.



  1. Mendenhall, M. W. and T. L. Sincich (2016). Statistics for Engineering and the Sciences, 6th edition, CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, New York.

  2. Newbold, P., W. Carlson, and B. Thorne (2020). Statistics for Business and the Economics, 8th edition, Pearson.

Instructor(s) Department of Industrial Engineering and Management Prof. Lee-Ing Tong
Course Credits 3學分
Academic Year 109學年度
Level Undergraduate Student
Prior Knowledge Calculus (I)
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HIT :13500