[新修] 化學(一)-96學年度 Chemistry I (English)




General chemistry explores chemical phenomena in terms of atomic models and quantum mechanics, including the formation of chemical bonds, the shape of atoms, three states of matter, and thermal equilibrium.


In this semester, we will talk about the history of atomic models; introduce particles and particle dualism, and the quantum theory in embryo; learn about the difference between classical dynamic equations and Schrödinger equation along with the simplest examples of Schrödinger equation; and derive the hydrogen atom’s energy level through Schrödinger equation. Then we’ll move on to topics like wave functions and the orbital of hydrogen atoms, the periodic chart and the electronic configuration of chemical elements, and periodicity of the elements, etc. In chapter 2, we first introduce the forming of ionic bonds, the idea of how to build Lewis Structure, and exceptions to the octet rule and chemical bond properties. Chapter 3 is an introduction to valence-shell electron pair repulsion theory (VSEPR), valence-bond theory and molecular orbital theory. We hope students can thus establish a solid foundation of chemical knowledge after taking this course.


課程用書:Chemical Principles:The Quest for Insight,Atkins,Peter,and Loretta Jones.,W.H. Freeman and Company (2004,4rd.)





Instructor(s) 應用化學系 Henryk Witek老師
Course Credits 3
Academic Year 96學年度 (Academic year of 96)
Level Freshman
Prior Knowledge Basic Chemistry
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