Chemistry I



Course description: Study of the basic principles of atomic and molecular science, which constitutes the foundation of modern chemistry. 
Course Primary Learning Goals: Demonstrate an understanding of the essential principles of chemistry including: atomic and molecular structure; molecular interactions, states of matter, energy of chemical reactions, and thermodynamics. The course will balance conceptual understanding and developing problem solving skills.  Articulate the application of chemical concepts to“real world systems” and recognize that chemicals have benefits and hazards that must be considered together. Course will strengthen English language skills as applied to chemistry.
Course Objective: Course will focus on a conceptual understanding of the fundamentals of chemistry, improved problem-solving skills, and improved ability to communicate your understanding. 
The course is broadly divided into three sections: 
   1. Quantum mechanics of atoms and molecules.
   2. Modern theory of gases, liquids, and solids. 3. Basic principles of thermochemistry and thermodynamics. While the material overlaps with topics from most high-school chemistry classes, the depth of the exposition and mathematical level are higher.
Class will be held on Tuesday and Friday in Science Building II and III


  • Martin Silberberg, Patricia Amateis. Chemistry: The Molecular Nature of Matter and Change., 8th Edition, McGraw-Hill Education, 2017.



Instructor(s) Teacher of Department Applied Chemistry Chia-Chih Chang & Chris Craney
Course Credits 3學分
Academic Year 108學年度
Level Undergraduates
Prior Knowledge High school chemistry
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