微積分(二) Calculus II (English)


This course is offered by theDepartment of Applied Mathematicsand provides a first introduction into the theory of differentiation and integration. The course mainly serves as a bridge between highschool mathematics and university mathematics. Its main goal is to make students acquainted with rigorous mathematical thinking. This is done via learning basic concepts such as limits, continuity, differentiability, etc. on the one hand and fundamental theorems such as the intermediate value theorem, the extreme value theorem, the mean value theorem, etc. on the other hand. Moreover, the course is intended to train students problem solving skills as well as writing and oral skills. Finally, the course equips students with the basic tools needed in the more applied sciences and is the entrance door to more advanced courses on mathematics.

(This course is taught in English.)


TextBook:Calculus (Early Transcendental), James Stewart, 6th EditionPublisher: Cengage Learning

For the best learning, please buying the textbook!

Instructor(s) 應用數學系 符麥克老師
Course Credits 4
Academic Year Semester 96
Level Freshman
Prior Knowledge Basic Mathematics
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HIT :1101