Design and Implementation of a Machine Learning Platform

Machine learning in the industry is not a research, but an engineering project. A machine learning project is a collaboration between multiple professionals: data scientists and data-engineers. A machine learning system, also known as a machine learning platform or a machine learning infrastructure, is a system that connects different stages of machine learning development cycle: data ingestion, data preparation, feature extraction, model development, model training, model deployment and model serving. It is a generic system that can support a variety of machine learning and data applications. Many big companies build their own machine learning platform, but most of them are composed of the above mentioned stages.
Wei-Chiu is a Tech Lead at Cloudera where he is responsible for the development of Cloudera's distributed storage system, primarily the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) project. He is an active contributor to several open  source project, and is currently a member of the Apache Hadoop Project Management Committee and a committer of the Apache Submarine project. He is also a founding member of the Taiwan Data Engineering Association, a non-profit organization promoting better Data Engineering technologies and applications in Taiwan.




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