Introduction to Computer Science(I)



In this course, you will learn about the hardware of the computer from its basic unit of a transistor. You will be walked through the circuit of a central processing unit (CPU) and the operating system (OS) for the hardware. We illustrate the using of DOS and batch files in the introduction of the OS. After that, we will learn the HTML language that is used to present yourself, like your resume or CV, on line. The HTML language is functioned like Microsoft Word while you use the markup language to set the format. You will also learn another markup language – latex, used for presenting mathematical equations. The HTML markup language provides as well the drawing (designing) of the window frames with contents (buttons, input/output text boxes and images) for windows programming. Afterward, we introduce the programming language of javascript. We will cover most basic concepts like variables, calculations, strings, and flow controls. In the last part of the course, we will teach how to draw pictures and to write animated programs. We will adopt the library of p5.js for drawing and animation in the browser window and we will introduce the numerical methods for the animation of physical and virtual world.


  • 老師自製教材。


Instructor(s) Electrophysics Prof. Wen-Bin Jian
Course Credits 3學分
Academic Year 110學年度
Level Undergraduate Student
Prior Knowledge High school mathematics and physics foundation.
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HIT :9285