Phase transformations and microstructure

Introduction to the field of materials science線上觀看MP4下載
Atomic structure and bonding線上觀看MP4下載
Structure of crystalline solids (1/2)線上觀看MP4下載
Structure of crystalline solids (2/2)線上觀看MP4下載
Crystallographic directions and planes (1/2)線上觀看MP4下載
Crystallographic directions and planes (2/2)線上觀看MP4下載
Imperfections in solids (1/2)線上觀看MP4下載
Imperfections in solids (2/2)線上觀看MP4下載
Diffusion and mechanical properties線上觀看MP4下載
Mechanical properties線上觀看MP4下載
Strengthening mechanisms (1/2)線上觀看MP4下載
Strengthening mechanisms (2/2)線上觀看MP4下載
Failure of metals線上觀看MP4下載
Phase diagram for metallic systems (1/2)線上觀看MP4下載
Phase diagram for metallic systems (2/2)線上觀看MP4下載
Phase diagrams and Phase transformations線上觀看MP4下載
Phase transformations and microstructure線上觀看MP4下載
Microstructure and alteration of properties線上觀看MP4下載
Thermal processing of metal alloys線上觀看MP4下載
Ceramics, polymers, and electrical properties線上觀看MP4下載
Electrical properties of materials線上觀看MP4下載