Open Education
Open Education has become a mainstream ideal of modern education. Universities inside and outside the country has continue open education resources via Open Course Ware (OCW) and other applications to share knowledge to society.

National Yang Ming Chiao-Tung University started the promotion of OCW with the Guangfu Campus College of Science, and has since expanded to the entire university in 2008. The university Division of Teaching Resources under the office of academic affairs, especially in charge of the creation and development of courses, study of open course strategy, integration and application of open course resources. The office also promotes the sharing of education resources, to provide self-learners with even more learning content. The OCW office also created courses to bridge learning from high school to university. The office has continued to improve content and quality on the OCW platform, combining mobile learning and cloud service to provide even more convenient learning methods.

“National Yang Ming Chiao-Tung University Open Course Ware” opens approximately 12 to 16 high quality NYCU courses each year, including different college basic courses, specialized courses, share required courses and general courses. The platform also provides 15-20 speeches each year, generously providing self-learners a plentiful learning tract. In 2012 this website competed with over 250 other university open course ware websites and was chosen for the year’s Landmark Site Award in the Global OpenCourseWare consortium.

Open Courses is not only a reflection of traditional education practice, it can also support other education ideal and practices. National Yang Ming Chiao-Tung University not only openly shares resources, it also allows educators, students and self-learners to utilize the platform accordingly to their own learning styles. The continuous and re-utilization of this platform for educating, study, and learning, shows a resilient, multi, active, adaptive spirit. This platform hopes to stimulate active learning in hope to carry out all-around and life long education.

Open Education