Member of NYCU OCW

Division of Teaching Resources_Open Education

  • Telephone:03-5712121#56072
  • Fax:03-5731764
  • Location:Room 120-1, Science Building.1, Chiaotung Campus

Yu-Lun, Huang Director

    • Determining significant policy or orientation of all business Telephone extension:31476

LIN, MONG-YING Project Assistant

    • Constructing and promoting the OCW , course taping and editing.
    • Executing the derivative project and application of OCW.
    • Propagandizing OCW (FB, YouTube and ITunes management and maintenance).
    • Executing business of OEO, briefing and report writing and collection.
    • Holding lectures, workshops, and seminars of OEO.
    • Executing the business assigned by supervisor.       Telephone extension: 56071

KENT Project Research Assistant

    • Equipment management and maintenance of distance teaching, recruiting and training the distance teaching team.
    • Project classes/lectures planning, recording and editing.
    • Constructing and maintaining the content of OCW platform, website traffic analysis and statistics.
    • Hardware device management and maintenance.
    • Other assignments.     Telephone extension :56072

Hsieh,Feng-Chen Project Assistant

    • Recording and editing the courses and lectures of OCW.
    • Video quality control and quality improvement.
    • Recruiting, training, and managing the video team.
    • Hardware device management and maintenance.
    • Supporting course digitalization and technical services.
    • Other assignments.        Telephone extension :56073
Open Education