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Dear users of the OCW platform,
The promotion of NYCU OpenCourseWare (OCW, website: http://ocw.nycu.edu.tw)  is to break the high walls of knowledge and the fence of university to make every learner have equal and free access to high-quality course materials.
The science school of NYCU has been establishing and promoting open courses since 2006, allowing the public access to education resources for without charge. Support from teachers enable us to create even more and complete courses. Feedback and encouragement from students and self-learners become our motivation and confidence to continue moving forwards! On such basis, OCW expanded through the entire university in 2009. In 2018, NYCU OCW has already opened 271 courses (including 246 complete video courses), we hope not only to help students and self-learners to plan their own education, but also help teachers in sharing and teaching courses. We put in our best efforts in executing the social responsibilities of a university. In the future, NYCU Open Education Office(OEO) will also release connecting courses from high school to university, while helping and assisting other universities and colleges in establishing OCW.
NYCU has continue to receive praises and encouragement from students, parents and self-learners from all places, recognizing the philosophy and ways of OCW hoping for more and even more various courses and resources from OCW. We also try our best to expand and alter our content, using the least cost to create the best outcome for users. However, human recourses and equipment for every recording of classes and editing of course video, along with the making and creating of course materials and encouraging professors and teachers to participate in OCW are all costs that can’t be avoided. Thus we are facing the challenges in financials for long-term development of OCW. We are still currently funded by NYCU financially, however the school has many other places that need funding also. We write here in hope that if you approve and support of our ideals, you can donate and support us so that we can continue to promote OCW and aim to achieve life-time learning.
If you share the same ideal and support our work, please donate to “National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University” and specify in the information blank you donation purpose “OCW (OpenCourseWare)”. Donation of any amount will be of help to the OCW to continue its work, and benefit more users. Thank you for supporting NYCU OCW!


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